A Very Stressful Day

Well today was very stressful for poor little Tempe. This morning she was rubbing her fave alot, like when the pups try to get a Halti off, but of course she wasn't wearing one. Well I didn't think much about it since she has been acting weird lately. Well around 1:15 or so my mom called me to let me know something was wrong with her. Her face was so swollen she looked like she had a Shar Pei head. It took alot to get ahold of someone to get approval to get her to a vet, but finally I got approval from GDB & the leader. Well I stuck her in the crate to head to the vet, she wasn't to sure about riding in the crate since there was a goat right next to her in another crate. She had to sit in the crate while the goat got his vet check out of the way. Then we went inside for her to be examined. This is also when I found out she is now "officaially" in season. The poor girl was getting blood all over the exam room. Well Dr. Ball decided it was most likely a wasp that she tried to eat & it stung her in the mouth. He gave her a couple of shots before sending her home.

Now I have to find some way to keep my carpet from getting all bloody, but still allowing her time out of the crate. Since I don't raise females I'm not prepared for a female in season. This is so very crazy.

By now the swelling has disipated, but there is still some. Hopefully when we wake up tommorrow it will be totally gone.

Michelle, Provo & Tempe


M*Dogs said...

Poor Michelle!! When does Tempe go back to her raiser?

GDB Puppy Sitter said...

Well since she is in season she will not be going back to her raisers till after her haet cycle is over. Anyway she is suppossed to be going to her leaders house this weekend sometime.