8 Months Already!

Well it has been awhile since we have updated here (not sure if anyone still reads this blog or not).  Roland has been growing so much lately.  He is now 8 months old and weighs in at 54.6 pounds!  We have also finally hit the mark where he is maturing.  I love when it seems to just "click" and they seem to get it. 

 We have gone on lots of good training outings lately & he is really doing very good.  Here are some pictures from the past couple months.

Roland at the local coffee shop

Roland at the grocery store, picking out some cookies

A great visit to the Apple Orchard

Roland watching the Apple Day parade, a big tractor driving past

Roland making friends with a leopard at the library

Roland & Provo at the park

He went on his first puppy swap this month.  It was good for him, as he got to visit a bigger city for week.


6 Months

A few days late, but Roland is now 6 months old!!  It is hard to believe it has already been that long.  He has grown up so much & I am very proud of this little guy.  We have some issues still to work on, but what 6 month old puppy is perfect?


County Fair

Roland looking at the cakes
  Well this past week Roland has had a busy time.  We had our local County Fair.  Roland was able to join me for 3 days & also went to the dog show with me.

  The first time we went in was to pick up all the awards & paperwork for the dog show.  Roland was a bit wild that day.  We took a short break away from all the excitement & went to Subway.  Not thinking about the timing, it was lunch hour (meaning long lines).  Roland did great waiting in line & much better after returning to fair.

  Second day we went was so much more exciting.  We went to the dog show (which wasn't on the fair grounds).  He spent most of the day watching from his crate, but did get a little time out to see things "up close".  After the dog show, the leaders always get to take the judges out to lunch.  Roland was great at laying quietly under the table, until one of my littles dropped her cup, making a pool of water right by Roland.  He would not lay still any longer, I don't think the poor boy liked having a wet but.  He did much better while visiting the fairgrounds in the afternoon to drop everything off.  He was much calmer & a lot less bouncy too.  :)

Roland looking out through his crate

Roland sleeping at the resturant

 Day three was such an overwhelming day, he had a bit harder time with it.  He did ok, when in the building.  Today all of the animals had arrived.  So he got to see rabbits, chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, lambs, goats & steers.  He was a bit over excited by so many new animals.  He was especially interested when the "funny looking dog" (goat), walked right up next to him.  He just couldn't figure it out. 
Roland walking past some goats

  A good experience for him to learn about new things we don't see all the time.



Roland looking up at me
Roland & Provo hanging out in the living room together

 Well we have had a slower month, but still lots of fun.  Roland has been working alot on his house manners & is getting so much better.  I have been able to allow him to hang out in the house off leash, even with the littles running around.  He still does try to play with them sometimes, which means he gets put on tie-down, but he is finally learning.  He has gotten so trust worthy having freedom during nap time for the littles.

At 4-H Dog Training
  We have gone on a few outings, which he is normally awesome with.  Grocery shopping has been our main outing and he is super.  Still learning how to walk next to the cart, instead of being out ahead, but he is getting better.  He still gets a bit to excitable when people try to interact with him, but we are working on this one.  Roland has also been going to 4-H Dog Training with me each week.  This is a great outing for him, as it helps him to learn to be calm while watching all the other dogs around us.

Roland shopping at New Horizon's Under the clothes rack


 We did get to go to the puppy truck the other day, since one of our club pups was heading in for training.  Roland actually did much better at being calm, but still had some excitable moments.  It was very strange going to a puppy truck & no new pups came off the truck.  The last time I went, there was only 3 who came off.  This time there wasn't any.   After we left the puppy truck, Roland went home with the other raiser from our club.  He will be spending more time with her through out the up coming year, as she will now be our club puppy sitter while she takes a little break.

Philip & Roland at the puppy truck


5 Months

 My sweet little pup is growing up.  Roland is now 5 months old!  He is doing good in his training and really stating to mature.  He has completed all of his puppy shots now & weighs in at 35.4 pounds.
Five Things About Roland at 5 Months:
1.  His favorite toy is the jolly ball
2.  He loves spending time outside (especially if it includes water)
3.  He loves to cuddle, anytime I sit on the floor, he is right there in my lap
4.  He has a beautiful wavy coat
5.  Super smart pup, but slow learning on some issues

4th of July

Well, I am a few days late, but Happy 4th of July from Roland & I.

Roland enjoyed his morning by playing in the swimming pool.  This boy loves to play in water!


Long Overdue Update

I haven't updated for a while, but I'm not even sure if any one reads my blog still.  In my last post I shared that Roland had turned 16 weeks & gotten his last round of shots so he can now take on the world.  We have done a little socializing so far & he is normally really good.  We have made a few quick trips to the grocery store over the past month.  He does great and acts like he was born for this, always a great sign when raising a guide dog puppy.
At City Market, but not very photogenic 
Roland at the Post Office

We have also made a quick trip to the post office.  Then this week we hit some places that are a little more challenging.  The Farmer's market was a big one for him.  We spent most of our time watching from a distance since he was a bit to excited & couldn't control himself.  Then once he settled down we made a walk through.

At the library booth at the Farmer's Market

Watching everything going on with the Farmer's Market in the background


We have also been working on his house manners.  No problems in the potty training department, he had that one down early on after he arrived.  He is getting more freedom in the house and is really starting to do good.  Roland still prefers to lay on something soft and will do whatever he can to find something to lay on. 

  I also took him to work on stairs the other day.  He was afraid to go up the ones at our meeting location so I figured we needed to work on it.  Since we don't have stairs at home, we headed into town where the Middle School has great stairs to work on.  He showed no fear & walked up & down all the different stairs with out a problem.


Ready To Take On The World

Roland is now 16 weeks & has had his final set of shots!  So we are now ready to start socializing the little guy.  He loved going to the vet and getting attention from all the staff.  After all, who can resist a cute Lab puppy?  He weigh in at 27.8 pounds & is doing well.


Roland's Training

It has been a few weeks since I posted last.  Roland is doing great with his training.  At our meeting the other night the leader was quite impressed with how smart Roland is & how quick he picks up on stuff.  We started working on something new last week with Roland last Monday & he has picked it up so quickly and jumped way ahead with it.  Here is a video of it.  With only working on it a week, he should only  have to put one foot on the mat before being "marked", but from the first night he normally goes straight to a sit or down.

We have also been working on his re-call, which he is doing excellent at as well.  His biggest problem is that he wants to charge into you, which could be a hazard once he gets bigger, especially for a blind person.  Atleast he has enthusiasm though. 


3 Months

Well I am a few days late, but Roland is now 3 months old!  He has grown up so much in the four weeks I have had him.  So here is a picture of how big he is getting & 3 fun facts about him.

1. Roland is a very smart boy & learns quickley
2.  I love the way he pounces on his toys
3. Roland loves to cuddle!  He will try to climb up on your lap


Roland's Family

Dad Mack
Well I have been able to find most of Roland's family.  I found the puppy raiser of his dad, Mack.  It has been nice hearing about his puppy years and of course seeing pictures of him.  I found a picture of his mom, Toffee.  I think Roland looks more like his momma. 

Mom Toffee

Here is the litter picture with their information

Roland has 2 sister in his litter.  Remmy & Reagen.  I have been able to talk with Remmy's raisers & hear about several similarities.  Reagen arrived on the truck with Roland and is being raised in CO as well. 
Sister Remmy

Roland & Sister Reagen on arrival

Brother Rookie

Brother Rembrandt
Roland has 3 brothers: Rembrandt, Rookie & Reynolds.  I have found both Rembrandt & Rookie on their club's website, but have not located Reynolds yet. 

Roland's Vet Visit

Roland is now 12 weeks old.  He went in yesterday for his 12 week vaccinations & check up.  He loved Dr. Smith and didn't even notice when he got his shot (til after, when he would scratch at the spot).  The vet said he was healthy & doing great.  Even though Roland has had a rough week due to diarrhea, he is still gaining weight.  He is now up to 19.6 pounds, not bad since he was 17.4 pounds when I got his 3 weeks ago.  Only 4 more weeks till we go back in for the rest of his shots, then he will be able to start socializing.


Roland's Past Couple Weeks

With the nice weather lately we have enjoyed lots of time outside lately.  Roland loves to explore & I have to brag that he has a great re-call, even off leash!  He isn't so sure about the sprinkles, but is getting a little braver about checking them out.

Well, poor Roland got into something and had an issue with diarrhea.  So on the plus side, Roland got to experience ice to help keep him hydrated.  Roland loves ice!  It makes for a very fun toy in addition to being edible.

Roland has also been very curious about helping me with the laundry.


Roland Growing Up

It is kind of sad, but after a week with Roland, I can already see him growing up.  I am hoping to take pictures with him each month to "track his growth" in pictures.  So his first official one was at 10 weeks, but the first one is one I took at 9 weeks just after we got him home.  When he arrived he was 17.6 pounds.  Today he weighed in at 18.4 pounds, so we know he is doing good and growing.

Roland's first "Official" Photo Introducing Him (9 weeks)

Roland's first "growth chart" photo (10 weeks)