Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Everyone, this is Provo. I wanted to get on & wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving while mom wasn't watching me. I'm really enjoying the spoiled life a pet dog, but really miss getting to go everywhere with mom.

We were supposed to have a pup this week, but since we weren't sure what we were going to do for Thanksgiving Michelle was told we couldn't do it. I really miss having a pup around, it is fun to have someone with my energy level to play with instead of the grouchy old dog.

I think I here mom coming down the hall so I gotta run.

Tail Wags & Puppy Kisses,


Anonymous said...

Hi Provo-
My mom says your mom can watch Bowie for her--- she thinks he's cute- but i think he's just annoying- 6 month old dogs are soo annoying...
Princess Marcella

GDB Puppy Sitter said...

Hi Princess Marcella,
Mom says to send him our way. I'll teach him how to behave (actually I'll make mom do it). When Tempe was here she wouldn't leave me alone & by the end of her four week stay she had learned that it makes mom mad when you pester her favorite little boy.


thepuppyraiser said...

happy thanksgiving to you too :)

hehe chris thinks grouchy old dogs can be pretty boring too

M*Dogs said...

Michelle!! I will snail mail you a card if you want to email me your addy! gdprchika@yahoo.com