Provo's Day

Hey everyone, this is Provo again. Well since mom doesn't have a puppy right now she told me I could tell you about my interesting day yesterday. We were helping out a friend by running her store, it is a clothing store, so I of course got to tag along. We went down about a half hour before we had to open so I got to run around & explore my new surroundings. The first thing I did was run up the stairs, I love to play on the stairs. After finding nothing exciting upstairs I ran around the store checking out all the other dog smells. Mom says there is normally a big Chow/Newfoundland mix there named Chewy. Once the store was opened I got to be the official greeter! I got trapped behind the counter a few times for being to social. Mom thinks that not everyone loves me, isn't that a crazy idea? At the front of the store was a rack of fur coats that I liked to lay behind, mom always told me to get away from it though. One of the times I went behind it I knocked it over on myself. One costumer spent some time on the floor with me. She asked to take me home, but mom won't let me go. It was a fun day getting to spend the whole time running around with mom & not having to worry about the crate! My only complaint was mom wouldn't let me out the front door! She took me out in the alley to relieve me, but I wanted to run & play so I sat at the front door a lot of the time. I scared a few people passing by when I jumped up on the windowsill.

Sorry, there are no pictures, mom camera decided to die yesterday when she wanted to take pics of me.


Anonymous said...

Awww... Vinnie wants to come next time!

GDB Puppy Sitter said...

Vinnie you are more than welcome to take my place. I would much rather be out running in the yard than be stuck in a store!