Mia Update

I'm in love with this new girl! She did awsome her first night. She slept from 11-5:30! She didn't really like the crate so she needed some help settling down. I slept right next to her crate & put some music on to help her settle down. This morning she has been awsome to! We did have one accident this morning, but that was because I wasn't watching her. She is also very, very smart. She has only been here overnight & she already is picking up sit & relieving on command. She also accepts the leash real well now. Provo is still enjoying taking care of the baby too!

I'm missing having her around here. She has settled into her new home very nicely. Very smart little girl, is already mostly housebroken. She also knows how to sit & come most of the time without help. Provo has been going over to help calm her down some.

I want a puppy now too!

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