I got to work again!

Well this morning we had our presentation for the kids about working service dogs. When we first got there I was thrilled to see that we were at my old church! I was so excited to see my old church friends, but then discovered it was a totally different thing. So the kids weren't distracted by me before we started I had to hang out in the kitchen. Once it was time to start I got to lay in the middle of a circle of about 20 or so kids. Some of them kept sneaking over to see me & one put his hat on me. Mom talked about some of the things guide dogs do to help the visually impaired. Then mom & the teacher talked about grooming, training equipment & we demonstrated obedience. Once it was all over the kids were allowed to pet me & I was thrilled to have all 20 kids climb on me. They didn't really like the tail hitting them, but I can't help it when I'm happy! So it wasn't quite what we expected when we were asked to talk about GDB, but still a fun morning. Sorry, no pictures today.

Because of the time we had to go straight to mom's work. So her mom, Peggy, came to pick me up along with Hayleigh. Today is Hayleigh's 2nd birthday!

About the time Hayleigh's party was to start we were outside waiting for people to arrive. At one point mom put Hayleigh on my back & let her ride me. She was really happy, I wasn't sure what to think. Mom didn't have her camera, maybe she can get a pic from Sarah. It was a Kodak Moment, if only we had a camera. I was locked in their bedroom during the party since some people who aren't very nice to me came over.

Thursday night I was attacked by a dog that came over to my house! The owners are afraid of him being stolen again so they take him everywhere with them. Well he didn't like me & he had to tell me about it. Mom put me out on a tie-down in her truck, since they had no concern about their dog's behavior. If it had been mom's house she would have kicked them out, but she couldn't. Why do people let their dog's act out at other people's houses? They didn't even ask to bring him over! Sorry, I'll stop ranting now.

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