Yay! We are so excited!

Well we are going to be puppy sitting again! I can't wait. Mom will be picking up Christina in the morning. We will have her till sometime Friday night. The cool thing about Christina is that is my niece.

Last night we got to go to the guide dog meeting, we haven't been a a very long time. Before we went to the meeting we got to go to PetSmart. I haven't been out in a long time so I was kinda wild though. We met up with one of the pups from our club there, Dagwood. At the meeting we worked on obedience mostly, with a little bit of dog-to-dog interactions. I got passed around at the meeting quite a bit to. Megan even went with us & she worked me some! I was kinda naughty & lunged at Dagwood a few times. I think he is so cute & just wanted to play with him some. One of these days maybe we can puppy sit him.

Provo & soon to be Christina

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