Christmas Baking!

Well we have made some yummy Christmas presents for the four legged ones this year. Yes, Provo & I, made dog cookies for all the pups. We are also well stocked on treats for a while, since we aren't giving all of them away. What a happy boy he is now that he is getting spoiled. Here are the pictures:

Cooking is messy

Waiting So Patiently

"Bulldog Brownies"

"Peanut Butter Woofies"

"Veggie Bites"

"Munchy Crunchy Chicken Treats"

Special Dipped Bones

Finally Getting To Sample
(Being a career changed pup...priceless!)


Megan said...

Yummy yummy doggie treats!!

You look like you had so much fun Provo!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Runza said...

WOw, those treats look very yummy Provo. Makes my mouth water! Lucky taste tester! - RUNZA

Waffle said...

the final caption should read...Being a career changed pup...priceless!

you look like you had sooo much fun cooking or should I say tasting!