Guide Dog Meeting

Well last night we finally made it to another guide dog meeting. We got to socialize with the jazz band at the school. Actually they just practiced while we sat in the corner to listen. Then we got to go on an elevator ride. It was crowded with 5 pups & 7 humans in the tiny little thing, but we managed. We worked on stairs & then rode the elevator once again. Once we made it back down we everyone switched pups, except I just laid there by myself, being a good boy of course. It was fun to see all the pups again. Mom wanted me to be a good roll model so I had to wear my Halti tonight, I wasn't to happy. Sorry there are no pictures, but mom forgot her camera.



PC Dogs said...

Thanks for your comment! So that makes Provo Sterlings...half-uncle? How fun! They do both have the big blocky head!!! How do you find out sibilings if they are not in your group? Is that something you have to ask GDB?
Happy Holidays!
Sarah and Sterling

Career Changed Provo said...

Hey Sarah,
You can find out about littermates through the littermate book handed out at Fun Day. Or by looking at some of the other club websites.

Michelle & Provo