Long Time

Well we haven't had a computer for awhile, ours broke, but it is back now. So not much has happened since my last post. We have started dog training up again. I'm really enjoying getting out every week. Mom has had to work a lot with the other kids, so I have been working on my down stay. Then this week the leader decided it was time to start a distraction for the new dogs. So while all the dogs were working on heeling in a circle around the room I was put on a stay outside the circle. Then once mom was in the middle of the room she called me, of course I came running. Mom was scared I wasn't going to stop, but just slam into her. Everyone thought my sliding stop was so cute, they kept telling mom how cool it was & that I'm a good boy. Next week we are supposed to start the broad jump practice again. Maybe this year I will do it right in the ring. The leader is trying to talk mom into going to the highest level with me, utility. I think we are gonna stick with Grad Novice though.

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