Last night we had a guide dog meeting at the river walk. We went in a little early so I could play in the river before. This was the first time this year I has gotten to play in the water so I was thrilled. After we had played in the water for awhile mom decided we would walk some & we did. Then all of a sudden I wanted back in the water so I jumped of the sidewalk! Mom was quite shocked, but didn't get to upset. The water was a nice fun cool down time after all the hot weather we have been having.

Well it is about time I update with all I have been up to. I have a new friend that I'm teaching to be a good puppy. His name is Koda & he is a 4 month old Husky/GLD cross. Mom will be puppy sitting him & his mom, Maggie in June. So I get to spend a whole week living at his house.

Koda Bear & Provo
Momma Maggie & Provo

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