Very Bad Blogger

I have been very bad and not posted in a long time. Things took an unexpected turn & I was not able to get a puppy. My new landlord won't allow me to have a guide dog puppy, cause that would mean to many indoor dogs.

I still have Provo & at the end of the month my family and I will be welcoming in two new little pups (non guide dogs). I will try to keep this blog up with just news about Provo & his little "brothers". Then of course we have my parents dog, a Chow/Ausie/????? mix.

As far as the visits I didnt ever update about. Christina & Heddy are both wonerdul dogs. I'll try to do a short post of each. Our club is taking a break till fall, our three dogs went back for training on Saturday. Since we only have my leader as a raiser we held off on getting new pups till we can recruit more. So most likely there won't be any puppy sitting for a very long time.

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