Long Overdue Update

Well, I'm not sure if anyone still reads this blog, but I finally have computer access again. It sure has been a long time since I've posted. The pups & I moved a month or so ago now & we just now have computer access, so I'm sorry for the lack of news.

Anyways, Payson is now 5 months old! He is starting to settle down and is turning into a nice pet. He seems so small, since I'm used to Lab pups that are atleast twice his size. He spends most of his time over at my friends house where he was born running on the farm.

Provo is doing good too. He does get annoyed by his little brother pretty fast, but does teach him well. His newest playmate is the guard dog for the alpacas, a Great Pyrenese named Tally. They spend hours out romping in the yard.

My camera is broken so I don't have any pictures for you, sorry.

On Saturday I did get to go visit my third pup, Fletcher while we were in the area. Sadley it was a very short visit, but they are doing well together.

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