Bad News, Lots of Venting

Well this week has not been a good week for the dogs and I. Sadley I had to make the hard decision to give Payson up. We are currently looking for a home for him where he can work livestock and have lots of room to run. The place where I am living now is not a good situation for him, he has no freedom to run in the yard. To make things worse, he has started jumping out of his 5' run yesterday and today!
The lady I rent from has alpacas and she is afraid the pups will harm them. Provo is no problem when he goes out there, all he wants to do is eat the poo (GROSS!!!). Payson on the other hand has the herding instinct so he could be a problem. Anyways she decided last night that my dogs are not allowed to run in the back yard till I find a way to keep them out of the alpaca pens. This may not sound to hard to figure out, but she has it set up so the guard dog can go under the fence from the backyard to the pens. So poor Provo is stuck in the house unless under supervision. Payson isn't so well behaved and it is just not a good place for him. It is a hard decision to give him up, but I know it is best for him.
The only good news is we found a home for the last pup from the litter that Payson is out of, his brother Einstein. So tomorrow I'm supposed to take him over to my friends house and see is he will be a good dog from them. My camera is still not working, so no pictures still, sorry.

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