Just a short update

Well I haven't posted anything in forever! Our 4-H year is over now (my mom teaches the dog program). I am lucky enough to get to go to class with mom every week, but most of the time I don't work, I just chill in the middle.

I'm now having to put up with the baby crawling around and climbing on me. Mom says I have to be nice so I try to ignore him, maybe then he will leave me alone. I really don't like to play much, but the lil guy keeps trying to get me to chase a ball. How boring is that?

Last month I turned 6! I've started greying out on my chin, but other than that you can't tell I'm getting older. Mom gave me extra special treats that day and a new toy, but the toy was boring and the baby plays with it more than I do.

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Coreena said...

Good the hear from you! What a good boy you are for letting the baby crawl all over you and play with your toys! You sure have found your "career" out there as a loving pet and big brother!