Busy Weekend

  Well, Kerzi joined our family for the weekend again.  This time it was pretty exciting for his family, the first pup they raised (Stuart) was graduating as a guide dog!  So we got the pleasure of watching Kerzi again while they went to present Stuart to his new partner.
  Kerzi did great!  He has really grown up over the past few weeks.  The biggest accomplishment was that he could actually hang out in the living room with Provo with out trying to play with him constantly.  He is certainly still a 6 month old pup, but I can see him starting to mature.

  It was funny when his raiser dropped him off, Kerzi just made himself at home.  He sniffed around a bit, but then went straight for the toy box & settled on the dog bed with a bone.

Kerzi got to go visit the chickens this time again & was quite intrigued about them, but was still very responsive when asked to leave them alone.

Then on Monday we had our guide dog meeting at the riverwalk.  It is always nice to get out & walk with our group.  The pups are really growing up.  We currently have 5 pups in our group.  Here is most of our group, Novato is off to the side & Kaplan didn't make it to the meeting.  Can't wait till April when we add one more pup to the group, my own pup!

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