13 Years

  13 years ago today I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first guide dog puppy.  After a year of begging my parents to let me raise a puppy, the day had finally arrived for my new little pup to arrive.  Unfortunately due to the weather, I was stuck waiting an extra day.  After spending the night at my cousin's house, anxiously awaiting news that the puppy truck had made it's way over the mountains, the next afternoon we finally got the call!  Due to the truck being late, we were also asked to deliver a couple extra pups (since their raisers couldn't wait around for the truck).  So I received a wiggly little 10 week old male Yellow Lab puppy named...............Kennedy!  His brother Kenmore also arrived on the truck and was being raised near by, so we brought him down to his raiser.  It was an amazing year with Kennedy.  Filled with lots of ups and downs, learning alot.  I was hooked on raising guide dogs from the minute I brought home my little pup.  Raising 3 other pups after Kennedy.  Then after along break from raising, we are preparing to welcome puppy #5 in just 4 weeks!!!

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