Roland's Family

Dad Mack
Well I have been able to find most of Roland's family.  I found the puppy raiser of his dad, Mack.  It has been nice hearing about his puppy years and of course seeing pictures of him.  I found a picture of his mom, Toffee.  I think Roland looks more like his momma. 

Mom Toffee

Here is the litter picture with their information

Roland has 2 sister in his litter.  Remmy & Reagen.  I have been able to talk with Remmy's raisers & hear about several similarities.  Reagen arrived on the truck with Roland and is being raised in CO as well. 
Sister Remmy

Roland & Sister Reagen on arrival

Brother Rookie

Brother Rembrandt
Roland has 3 brothers: Rembrandt, Rookie & Reynolds.  I have found both Rembrandt & Rookie on their club's website, but have not located Reynolds yet. 

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