Long Overdue Update

I haven't updated for a while, but I'm not even sure if any one reads my blog still.  In my last post I shared that Roland had turned 16 weeks & gotten his last round of shots so he can now take on the world.  We have done a little socializing so far & he is normally really good.  We have made a few quick trips to the grocery store over the past month.  He does great and acts like he was born for this, always a great sign when raising a guide dog puppy.
At City Market, but not very photogenic 
Roland at the Post Office

We have also made a quick trip to the post office.  Then this week we hit some places that are a little more challenging.  The Farmer's market was a big one for him.  We spent most of our time watching from a distance since he was a bit to excited & couldn't control himself.  Then once he settled down we made a walk through.

At the library booth at the Farmer's Market

Watching everything going on with the Farmer's Market in the background


We have also been working on his house manners.  No problems in the potty training department, he had that one down early on after he arrived.  He is getting more freedom in the house and is really starting to do good.  Roland still prefers to lay on something soft and will do whatever he can to find something to lay on. 

  I also took him to work on stairs the other day.  He was afraid to go up the ones at our meeting location so I figured we needed to work on it.  Since we don't have stairs at home, we headed into town where the Middle School has great stairs to work on.  He showed no fear & walked up & down all the different stairs with out a problem.

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