Bad Boy

Well mom wasn't to happy with me today. Somehow the gate didn't get latched & so I went fo ra joy run! After she came out to find me & found the gate open she knew I was gone. She started walking around the neighborhood, but no sign. She went back to the house & got a call from the neighbor that I was found lying in there semi warm garage. So mom walked all the way over in the fridged blizzard to retrieve me. I was so happy to see her I drug the poor lady who was on the other end of the leash. The whole way back home I was so happy about the snow & that I was going home I kept trying to do the Lab run, but was quickly stopped by the end of the leash.

On another note, Acero's arrival was pushed off till Monday. The leader decided the new raisers who are puppy sitting him now should keep him long enough to attend a meeting with him. So I will be going to my first puppy meeting since my career change (or since my re-call for that matter last October). I'm kinda bummed since I was looking forward to having a snow buddy, but alas I have to play alone.

Mom has told me that dog training will be starting back up again on the 16th, so I will get to go somewhere every week now. I'm also excited to see my friends Rocco & Sherianna! Maybe mom can get a pic of the three of us so I can post it!

Happy Bouncing Tail Wags,
Provo The Snow Plow

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