Guide Dog Meeting

Well tonight I went to my last guide dog meeting (or atleast for a very long time). My friend Sherrianna (Sherri, as I like to call her) & of course her mom went to. We both rode in the backend of the truck the whole time, since it is crowded up front. The two of us just laid down 7 snuggled to keep warm. We went to DQ first & both of us got some french fries, being a CC means so many happy things. Once we got to the school where the meeting was at our moms let us run around & relieve till it was time to go inside. Once Alice showed up I went bonkers trying to go see her, even though she had left little Louise in the car for the moment. Once we went inside we waited a long time for the meeting to start & mom made me refocus by doing push up. I HATE when mom makes me do push ups, they are really annoying. To start our meeting we worked up & down the halls doing heeling, very boring if you ask me. After doing this for a while mom traded pups with Megan, so I kept staring at her. We probley did this for about 30 minutes before the meeting started getting exciting. Since we were starting to work on different stuff mom traded back pups. We worked on "seeding" which is where the people put down approved toys & non approved toys or food! I was a good boy & didn't go for anything, but the bone. I looked at the food, but didn't want my next jerked for being naughty. After this & some more standing around mom passed me of to Ken this time so she could work with Louise. I was very happy since Ken is a really cool guy & I was all excited. He told me I should go visit him again sometime soon. Then Carol (the lady who has had Acero for the past week) asked mom to take him to I went to Carol. Carol was very impressed by how calm & wonderful of a boy I am. I did everything she asked me to & just lais around during the down time. Finally Alice decided it was time for me & mom to do our grooming demo. Mom did all the grooming on me, until she got to the nail clipping & teeth part. Then she handed me of to Alice & used Louise. Alice was ignoring me so I ate the chips she left on the floor as a distraction till mom said something. After the demo it was time to get Acero's stuff to head out.

We went to Pet-Smart after the meeting. Mom bought me a real fun squeaky toy that I love showing off now. I tried to get Sherri to play with me, but she isn't into that kind of stuff. Then Megan & my mom went to Cold Stone for ice cream shakes, but the two of us dogs had to stay in the truck while mom took Acero! I sure miss the days I could go anywhere with her.

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