Dog Training

Well dog training went good. mom thinks I was a little to crazy, whatever that means. I didn't get to see my buddy Rocco or his little brother Trey, since they didn't come. Sarah did come though so mom brought my sister Toven to the meeting for Sarah to work with. It was crowded in the truck on the way down there & I hogged most of the seat. Mom kept trying to get me to scoot over, but I wouldn't budge. Once we got there mom put leashes on both of us & let us out. We did our business & by this time Sherri's family arrived. I got real excited to see my friend again so I raced to see her, but the leashe wasn't quite long enough. Mom kept me back till I could sit like a gentlemen. I lunged to visit a few times, but to no avail. Once we headed in the building it was crazy since there was all these dogs piled up just in side the door. Once we got in & made it to the dog free side of the room mom made me sit & stay. Mom let me greet Sherri once she made it to my side of the room. Once we got started we worked on heeling most of the time. I was a little rusty on my sits, but otherwise I behaved. Once we started working on the "watch me" exercise (that mom decided to skip) I was passed of to Megan & Michelle took Sherri. We worked some more on heeling & I behaved pretty well for Megan. She even gave me a few treats! Once the class was over four of the handlers (mom included) decided to stick around to work long sits/downs & re-calls. I did perfectly on my long sits/downs. I didn't even break when Megan walked off with Sherri, who was laying right next to me. Mom was so proud of me & gave me a treat. I also got to meet Michal's new pup Mia, a Golden Retriever.

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