Acero Has Left

Well, mom has finally given me back my blog now that Acero is gone. I really enjoyed having a pup to play with, but he was more than I wanted to handle. I did get left out of my crate about 99% of the time, instead of using the crate though. We didn't have space in our room to add a second crate, so 1 crate + 2 dogs = Me getting lots of freedom! I did miss just getting to sleep in it though, he would always climb in with me, so I have spent lots of time in there since he left.

We have had lots of snow all year. Every weekend since the 5th, we have gotten hit hard with the snow. They say we are supposed to be getting more snow this weekend. I love the snow, but it is getting a bit annoying since the wind makes the temp drop below zero.

Another exciting thing is that I get to start dog training tonight! That means I get to see my buddies again, Sherri & Rocco. Mom says that Rocco's little brother Trey will be there too, so I get to meet him.

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