Dog Training

Well we had dog training again an Tuesday night. I finally got pics of me with my friend Sheri to post. The one of us sitting is kinda blurry & the other one looked better in the camera. Mom is gonna try to get better photos next week & even some of me with Rocco if he shows up. We picked Megan up at Cold Stone early, so Sheri & I sat in the truck while they went to get ice cream. Once they got back to the truck we were moved to the back end. We headed over to the 4-H building, but no one was there yet so mom took me out to run in the snow before class. Then the Saint Bernard came lunging towards us, but decided to go for Sheri instead. Fortunately he wasn't aggressive, but it was still very intimidating for her. I got to see & kinda play with my friend Mia before class as well. Mom handed me off a couple of times to either Sheri's mom or Mia's mom while helping Mia's mom with some things. This week they actually split up the advanced & beginner classes, so we would get more working time. It didn't really happen that way though since the teacher still decided to take us into beginner steps. We worked on lots of heeling, I'm getting very good at perfect heeling! Then on figure eights, but that didn't last long before we decided to work on long downs with distractions. Mom & Megan were walking over us, around us & we were even laying next to each other, almost touching. We both did very well without breaking. After we completed this we were with the group again on stand stays. This was the worst part of class, the teacher made us stay for a whole three minutes! After we got most of the normal show things practiced our teacher decided to play Simon Says. This was crazy since everyone was running into each other or all the stuff set in the back. We also lost right of the bat since Simon didn't tell us to stop, but mom did since we were about to run into a wall. On the next game we did better, but still crazy running into things.

After class we drove to Penrose to drop of Megan & Sheri. I was happy to finally be able to ride in the front with mom again, since it wasn't so crowded now.

Tail Wags,

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