Snow! & My Week

Well we have gotten even more snow this week. I was really happy to have the white stuff to play in, except that mom won't come out to play with me. So far we only got a light dusting, but it is still snowing, so who knows how much we will end up with. I was glad it waited to start snowing till Wednesday though.

I got to see my buddies on Tuesday at dog training once again. This time I even got to see Rocco & meet his little bro Trey! Mom came home with Megan, Sheri, Sarah & Rocco before dog training to pick me up. Once the three of us dogs got in the truck together Rocco & I started playing. Sheri just stood there looking at us like we were crazy. Well by the time we got down to the 4-H building the beginer class was supposed to be started already, but no one was down there. We waited around for about 20 minutes before Sarah's family had to leave so they gave us Trey. That meant 4 dogs in the back of our truck! The leader finally showed up & was suprised with how many dogs were in the one truck. Since we had only three handlers & four dogs, mom doubled up dogs, she took me & Rocco. While waiting for everyone to arrive we decided to warm up, I worked with mom & Rocco for awhile. Then mom took Sheri after giving Sarah Rocco back. We worked nicely along side each other, except that Sheri kept lagging. Once class started it was back to being mom working with Rocco & I. The leader offered to take one of us, but mom refused to hand either one of us over to her. We started out working on heeling & I have to say we had almost a perfect heel position. Mom thinks they should have a team obedience class. After heeling for awhile Sarah was getting tired of Trey, since he has NO TRAINING at all, so mom took Trey. Rocco went back to Sarah & Becky (a parent) took me, I didn't get to work, but layed off to the side. While working on long sits Trey had an accident, so mom took over Rocco while Sarah cleaned up the mess. After some more heeling mom decided to pass Trey off to Megan, so mom was now working Sheri. She didn't come get me this time to double up since we were working on "pillon" exercises. We had to weave in & out of the chairs, so mom would take Sheri through & then take me through. She actually used treats with me, so that made me really happy. After class we got all the collars put back on the right dogs. Since class was over I got to visit with Mia. This made Sheri jealous so she came out from under the chair she had curled up under. She decided I shouldn't be playing with the cute puppy so she decided to stand in between us. Once we finally left mom dropped me at the house before taking Megan & Sheri home. Mom's camera broke so we have to wait for Megan to get us pictures of the three of us pups.

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