The Past Two Days

Well I figure I should tell you all what Acero has been up to since he arrived Monday night.

We started of the morning going to breakfast with some of my family at Mr. Ed's. Acero was an excellent boy laying under the table the whole time. It was funny to hear the comments when a pup suddenly appeared from under the table. No one ever knew he was there, except the few that had arrived before him. Since he was being so good I also let my cousin pet him outside afterwards & he was calm for a change. After breakfast we stopped by the post office real quick before heading on home.

The rest of the day we just hung around the house for awhile. He kept stealing my shoe from the front door so he ended up on a tie-down for a lot of the after noon. In the evening we went to a 4-H meeting. He did pretty good laying quietly during the meeting & didn't even get up when the little kid came running over to him! I was so proud of him. After the meeting during refreshments he wasn't as good. I did allow one kid to pet him, since he was behaving, but once he started jumping around the petting came to a screeching halt. He also tried stealing the poor little kids cookie, but I was watching him so he didn't get his mouth on it. After the meeting we headed home & he spent most of the night on a tie-down or in the crate.

He also got to meet some of the goats today, like Kip.

This morning didn't start out as anything exciting, just hanging out around the house. Today he was obsessed with stealing the not approved toys, since my family insisted on leaving them around for the other dogs. His favorite was the rope, I finally decided to throw it behind the couch to get him to stop obsessing, even though it didn't work.

This afternoon we went to Coyote's Coffee Den for me to apply for a job & meet up with Megan. He started out real well behaved, once we found a table he laid quietly till all of a sudden he jumped up & let out a couple of barks. It was a little embarrassing to say the least. I'm not sure why he did it, but fortunately it was the only incident. After we met up with Megan we all had to cram into the truck again. First stop was Wal-Mart, he behaved like a wonderful gentlemen, except for a little pulling of course. He was quite interested in the singing valentines day stuffed animals, it took quite a bit of correcting to get his focus of of them. We also worked on the dog food isle, which was quite an adventure with all the people, buggies & smells to inhale (for Acero that is). Once we finished looking around we checked out & headed to Michelle's house.

After a brief break at the house we headed back out, first stop was at the post office, but Acero stayed in the car with Megan. Then we headed over to Hastings for some shopping. Acero behaved very well, with only a few reminders for not pulling. Once we finished at Hastings our next stoop was City Market, but on our way we decided to stop at Rent-A-Center. They didn't have anything that would work out for either one of them so we headed to City Market. He was very well behaved in City Market, but of course needed reminders about not pulling.

After we sat in the truck while Megan & I ate our food we headed to pick Trevor up. He wasn't answering the door or the phone & his neighbor finally came out to help us. She told us he wasn't home yet, but he would be home soon. So we waited around for him, but Acero was in the crate since no dogs are allowed in the apartment complex. Acero had to ride in the crate since it was so crowded with three people up front. Once we finally made it to the church we all piled out of the truck & I went around to get Acero. Acero was good for the meal part, till Micheal started calling him. Then during game time he got really bad. He is very ball obsessed & we were playing basketball on one side and air hockey on the other side. He was getting all worked up & corrections weren't stopping him so I decided to take him back in the other room to refocus him. We did puppy push ups for a little bit & since he seemed to have refocused I took him back in the game room. He sat there for a few minutes real good, but then he just started vocalizing & even lunging, so we decided it was time for the crate. We left not to long after I crated him, this time there was only two people in the front since Megan's mom came to pick her up. We headed down to my grandpa's office since someone was coming to buy the bed. After sitting in the truck for quite some time the people finally showed up. After the people looked at the bed & purchased it we headed to Trevor's house. Once I had dropped Trevor off we headed home for the night.

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