More Acero Updates

Sorry I haven't posted lately things are kinda crazy. Well Acero left on Sunday, but I have to tell you about Thursday-Sunday.

Thursday things were pretty much just hanging out around the house, working on his barking issues. He improved a lot, but still needs so much more work. In the evening we went to Wal-Mart & he behaved perfectly. This time we actually didn't get stopped by very many people.

Friday was another day just to hang around the house. I did go run some errands, but Acero had to stay home since a couple of the places weren't guide dog friendly.

Saturday he didn't get to go on any more outings, since the only place I went was to the movies & didn't want to have to worry about him barking or being a garbage mouth.

Sunday we didn't socialize him any either. Our church was cancelled due to all the snow. Then the class we went to doesn't allow pups in training in the church, so he had to stay home. He did get a nice little bump on his nose though. One of my goats had a bad experience with our old dog Oliver & is now aggressive to dogs. So Acero just stuck his nose through the fence to investigate the goats & Fenwick bit his nose! Poor guy won't go near the fence now.


Natalie said...

You have GOATS?? That's so cool!!!

p.s. Acero sure is a cutiepie :)

Career Changed Provo said...

Yes, I have about 20-30 goats right now. I'll try to post the pic of Acero with Kip, a baby.

Acero is pretty cute, even if his nose is bleeding in the pictures.