Dog Training & My New Little Sister (Kinda)

Well we had dog training once again this week. Since mom was working till late her mom had to bring me to the 4-H building. We started earlier tonight or atleast we were supposed to. Mom & Megan actually led the class tonight since the trainer didn't feel well. Since no one showed up till 7pm we had the advanced class early, even though it was only the two handlers with dogs. For the first part after we arrived at the 4-H building mom just let me & Sheri run around. Then we worked on some heeling, re-call, long sits, long downs. Then she took me off leash! I of course behaved perfectly, she was able to verbally correct me the few times I needed it. I was also introduced to a new advance exercise called the "down on re-call". How this works is mom would call me then make me lay down part way to her. It really confused me at first, but after a few times through I was almost perfect at it. Then Beth arrived with her pups. Mom did make me go back on leash though once Beth arrived, since she & her mom aren't very resspectful about leaving me alone.

Once all the kids started arriving & the group had split into two groups we began. Mom & Megan just stood in the middle of the room with us pups on down stays. Since I had kinda worn myself out during the "advance" class I was ok with just laying down for a while. Mom did jump in with me a few times or used me for a demo, but most of the last hour I spent on a down stay. Megan decided to do the figure 8 with Sheri & I tried jumping in with them, but mom made me go back to my spot. She also used me as a distraction for a little bit.

Now about my "little sis". No, mom parents didn't decide to let her raise again, sadly. At the end of dog training this big Great Dane girl came bouncing in. Everyone freaked out that this "huge dog aggressive Dane" was running loose. Mom put my extra collar on her to control her while everyone filed out of the 4-H building. She was real cute & only wanted to play. I got to visit with her for only a brief second before mom pulled her away, since Beth couldn't handle the two of us (me & Sheri) visiting the big pup. Mom & Megan have named her Arcadia and she will live at Megan's house, since mom's parents are dead set on NO BOG DOGS IN THE HOUSE! They already think I am too big, but agreed to let mom keep her here IF she got rid of me, thankfully she isn't willing to give me up for Arcadia. Megan's parents on the other hand are very open to her living with them & have fallen in love with her. So I now have a younger sis, but she is much bigger than me. Mom thinks she is around 8-12 months old, she still smells like a pup too!

Happy Tail Wags,
Provo & New Sis Arcadia

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