Play Time!

Well today I got to go over to Megan's house to play with my new sis, Arcadia! We spent most of the afternoon over there playing in the yard, laying around the house or getting into trouble. After I finished investigating the yard Arcadia & I started playing. She is so big & she likes to leap in the air so it was real fun playing tag with her. Sheri even joined us for the first part, but decided we were just to boring after a bit. We spent a long time out running in the yard & I kept trying to eat something under the porch, which made mom mad. Then after we stopped playing mom & Megan went into the house with Arcadia, but left Sheri & me outside.

After they finally brought me in Arcadia & I had to go on draglines since we just wanted to play again. Mom gave some of my toys to Arcadia since I don't play with most of them. She was nice enough to keep my favorite toys here, especially since some of them aren't strong enough for her. I kept going to the laundry room to eat the spilled dog food & mom kept dragging me back out to the living room. Then once all the food was cleaned up I started eating the lint! Mom got real annoyed & started following or sneaking up on me everytime I went into the kitchen. Pretty soon the baby was awake & I had to say hi to her. She is the perfect size for me, her face is at the perfect level for giving kisses. She really liked me & didn't mind having the two extra big dogs running around the house. Since I was wearing a dragline she kept trying to walk me, mom made me go with her too! Once Megan's mom got the laundry out, we kept running through it while she was trying to fold it. Once Arcadia even walked right through the laundry basket, I was nice enough to go around atleast, but not avoide the clothes on the floor.

Mom lets us back out in the yard a few times, but we didn't want to play once we got outside. Then as soon as we got back in the house we would try to start playing.

Tail Wags,
Provo & Arcadia

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M*Dogs said...

Provo looks small compared to Arcadia... How's the new job?