Dog Training

Well Tuesday night we had dog training, but before we went to class we ran to Penrose. I thought we were gonna go out to Megan's house so I got real excited when we got close, but mom kept driving. I was real bummed so I sat against the wall & would give her the saddest eyes I could. I really wanted to go see my other family. We ended up going to Sarah's house instead. It was ok, mom did give me some of her dinner! Then I got to see my friend Rocco & his brother Trey. Trey was haveing some issues with aggression tonight though, so I avoided him.

On the way to dog training I got to ride in the cab since we picked up Sarah's other dog, Bandit. Since she is a very old girl & I love to play they didn't want me pestering her. I layed on Sarah's lap most of the time or sat in the middle looking sad since I didn't have a window seat. I know what everyone is thinking, but no I'm not a spoiled little brat.

At dog training mom took me & Rocco so Sarah could work Bandit. We didn't work like such a well oiled team this time. I kept laggin & Rocco was forging ahead. By the time dog training started though it was going much smoother. We worked like this for about half the class before mom took Trey, since Sarah was getting no where with him. Rocco & I didn't work so well for Sarah so she worked with just me, since I was being lazy. Then when it came time for long sits & downs Michelle handed Trey back to Sarah & took me again. I of course did perfect on my stays, even when she started throwing silverwear to distract us (don't worry it was only a spoon). Pretty soon mom ended up with Sherri too, I was happy to be with my sis again. Once we started working on figure-eights I went off leash, since that is how mom plans to show me. Everyone was so impressed at how well I held my heel position off leash, since I haven't had that much off leash training. We did heeling off leash & then played a game of simon says. Simon Says is very confusing off leash especially, since all the dogs were lumped together instead of having space between us. I started wandering around during the game with no clue what I was doing.

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