Mom brought home another goat for me! She says he is gonna be her 4-H market goat this year. His name is Drindle & he is gonna be a big goat, not a dwarf like everyone else.

Drindle Walking Up Behind Me

Being Good While Drindle sniffed my tail.

We didn't have dog class this week since Margie was sick, so I had to stay home. Mom went out to Penrose, but didn't take me since she went to Sarah's first. I was pretty bummed.


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Anonymous said...

Hey, Provo!! This is your sister, Sherri!! Mom told me all about Drindle - even said he was almost as cute as her Market Goats. Their names are Davey Jones and Jack - but I don't see them often because they are in the coral and I don't go in the coral because the Chickens run around loose!!! Well, I'll see you tommorow!!!