Busy, Busy Weekend

Well this past weekend I got to go to a church retreat with mom, Megan & her family. My "sisters" Sherri & Mia also got to come along, in addition to that new little pup they call Little Bit or Mouse.

We spent the night at Megan's on Friday night, actually mom took me over before work on Friday morning so I was there all day. When mom finally made it back for the night it was getting kinda late so we just hung out in Megan's room watching a movie. Mia joined us since she was getting to rough with Mouse, so they needed some time apart.

Saturday morning was crazy with last minute getting ready. Us pups got locked in the back yard for most of the morning so we weren't under foot & so that we could burn some more energy before the weekend. Once we finally loaded the people & dogs into the van to leave it was around noonish. We had to go get gas & meet these other people who where going to follow us up. It took about an hour drive to get to the camp, Red Mountain Youth Camp. First thing we did was relieve then time for some exploring. Megan, Mom, Mia, Sherri & I all went exploring down at the creek. We walked for a very long time, till we ran into the tunnel under the main road. We decided to turn around here. Mia wasn't real happy about the water, but enjoyed it a lot after this walk. Since most of the other people hadn't arrived yet we didn't have our cabin assignment so we just hung out on the balcony for a while. Once we found out which cabin we were staying we put all our stuff in there to save our beds. I spent most of the rest of the evening out on the balcony with my "sisters". There are lots of kids in this church so we were not lonely at all. It was kinda annoying some of the time. They also had a talent show after dinner in the dining hall, so I had to stay in the cabin. Since other people are in the cabin she made me stay on a tie-down, but it was long enough for me to sleep on the bed. Since mom wasn't feeling well we tried to go to bed early. The other girls stayed out till like 11:30 & when they came back they were loud. So it was like 2am before we were able to get to sleep or at least mom, since I can sleep through almost anything.

Sunday morning we were up early. Mom took me & Sherri out to relieve & then she fed us. Since no one else was up at this point mom crawled back in bed, but I wouldn't let her sleep. Once Cilla got up with Mia I was really ready to get up. Mom decided to take Sherri & I for a walk since she didn't want to be in the cabin any longer & some people were still trying to sleep. Mom spent alot of the morning in the cabin alone with just us pups since she didn't want to play the games they were playing & she was so tired. After the morning church service we went to the vollyball game. We didn't stick around long since mom isn't really interested in sports. Mom, Sherri & I headed off on another hike since we had nothing better to do. After a few hours Megan joined the three of us & we walked in the creek again. Everyone was talling us not to walk the creek since someone had seen rattle snakes. We decided to walk it anyways & not to walk in the tall grassy area, nothing happened to us. Mom even let me run off leash, since there wasn't much places I could go & I have very good obedience. In the evening they had a big camp fire, but since it was during dinner they wouldn't let me join them. Mom left the singing ealry so I didn't have to be alone. Since everyone was upset with mom over not playing games the night before mom left me in the cabin while she played Imagin If with a bunch of girls. It didn't last real late so I was happy. Since I'm such a good boy mom decided to let me sleep loose in the cabin tonight. I spent most of the night on Megan's bed with her.

Around 5am Monday morning I decided that Elizabeth, another girl in our cabin, should be up. I started to wake her up, but mom hollored at me. She made me come lay on her bed so she could keep an eye on me. Once I thought she had fallen asleep, I checked & she looked like she was so I went back to wake Elizabeth. Mom caught me again, which really scared me this time since I thought she was sleeping. Since I was being a brat she put me on a tie-down till she was ready to get up at 6:30ish. Then she did the normal morning routine with both me & Sherri. Since no one was up yet we went on our hike, this time Megan met up with us after about 5 minutes. We ended up hiking off the property. Mom & Megan decided to pick a bouquet of wild flowers for mommy. We walked down the road & found lots of nice flowers, Megan even hiked up this hill for some. After our 30-45 minute walk we headed back to give mommy her bouquet. She loved it! We went back to the cabin before breakfast so that we didn't have to stay out on the porch alone again. After brunch mom played Killer Bunnies with the girls so I still had to stay in the cabin. Mom wanted to play in the cabin since she didn't want to leave me alone anymore. Since mom isn't really into playing games with all those people she hung out in the cabin with me. She wanted to go for a walk, but since she couldn't find mommy she had to keep Mouse. Since Mouse is so small it is hard to walk with her & me. So I just got some time to burn energy with Mia. After an hour or so Megan came to find us & the four of us went to the creek again. We walked all the way to the tunnel again & this time we went through the tunnel. It had lots of icky bugs in it & the other side was very grassy so we went back through the tunnel & headed back to camp. Once we got a ways out mom let me off leash again, I only took off on my own a couple times, but I was good about coming back. Once we made it back to the place we get out of the creek there was a bunch of girls playing in the creek. Mom made Sherri & I stand in the tunnel while they had a splashing war. I wanted to join in, but they said no. Today I was very bored since Mom sat with Megan watching softball most of the morning/afternoon. She did come get Sherri & I after a while to get us out of the cabin. We went on walks too, since mom got bored with watching sports again.

The camera died part way through the weekend, but I will get pics posted soon.

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Runza said...

Can't wait to see pics - sounds like you did some walkin'. That's funny that you wanted to wake that other lady up!