Dog Training

Well we had another night of dog class at the park. Mom took me along, but once it was time to start she passed me off to Trevor. She said that the baby, Mia, needed to work. So I laid over there with Trevor, Mommy, Hayleigh & their new little pup, a Chiweanie. I don't really care for the little thing, but most people seem to like it. I behaved myself quite well, most of the time. When they did long downs mom made me work this with Sarah. I was happy to get to lay with my friend Rocco. Mom was so proud of how well Mia worked. We have only had her for three weeks today, but she did almost everything without to much help. The long down she did well for the first minute, but three minutes is a long time for such a little girl. So for her age & the amount of time we have had her she did better than expected.

Half way through class the groups switched from showmanship to obedience, this is when mom took me to work. Mom started me off leash right away, after once round of heeling on leash. I actually worked better for her off leash than I did on! I had almost perfect obedience on all the exercises. I did lay down on my stand for examination just before the trainer got over to me. Then on the recall I forgot & did the formal GDB re-call instead of the 4-H, but atleast I came right away on the first command. Mom is still learning that with me I need a form command to come, not a happy command. Probably goes back to my GDB training, since it could just be a set up distraction. I didn't even look up when the ambulance came by with sirens on. Sometimes having a GDB background is helpful!

After dog class we had to take Trevor home. At one of the stop lights Megan & her family pulled up beside us. I was just staring at the car, hoping to go play with my sisters. I thought it was very weird to see them, since I really never have seen them in their car before.

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Runza said...

Thanks for the good wishes - I'm excited about college and a little nervous. All those other dogs!!! Sounds like you did so well at puppy class. I'm glad you are such a good teacher to the new pup.