We Finally Made It!

Well most of you might have noticed that I haven't gotten to attend a guide dog meeting since we puppysat Acero in January. Well Monday night mom took me, Mia & Megan! I got to see, not actually greet each one, the four new pups. We have a MBL named Gene, MYL named Dagwood, two FBLs named Christina & Hedy. All of the pups are around 12ish weeks, so right about the same age as baby Mia. Before the meeting I got to say hi to Christina, she is an active little girl like Mia, but atleast she doesn't chew my ears.

Once everyone made it inside I had to lay down by Megan instead of in the group. Megan decided to come with us even though she would be bored out of her mind. I kept crying since I was being left alone while mom worked with the baby. For over half the meeting we just hung out & discussed behavioral issues that needed to be addressed.

Once we started doing some heeling I still had to sit by the stairs with Megan. Mom worked Mia, but she wasn't wanting to walk so mom had Megan walk with us. Mia will do almost anything with me close by, she thinks I'm her security blanket, or that is what mom tells me. All we really worked on was heeling (or for guide dogs working on a loose leash), so I was bored. Then mom was horrible & switched pups with Ken! I really didn't like her passing off my baby sister for another pup, since I wanted to get out & work with her.

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