Finally Went To Dog Training!

Well mom finally took me to dog training, I hadn't been in 4 weeks! Mom got me really excited before we left asking if I was ready to get dressed & go bye bye. Since she likes to put my Career Change bandanna on me when we go out. I got so excited & was bouncing all over the place that I kicked the stroller and it went flying across the room. My sister Sherri got to go with us to. We didn't go straight to the park like normal after picking Trevor up though. We went over to mom's Uncles house. We had to stay in the truck though & after awhile mom's father arrived with Becky. I was so happy to see them, since I really haven't seen them since I moved out with mom. When we got to the park we were early so we went to the swings like normal. Just before class started Sarah arrived with some hamburgers for mom, Megan & Trevor. Mom shared hers with me! I'm so spoiled! During class we worked in Margie's group while Megan had to go with Joan's. Margie convinced mom to try showing me in the Grad Novice class, which is like 5th year or something like that. I'm so smart & can jump way ahead. I started picking up on everything really fast, except I still need lots of work on the down on re-call.

This morning we started working on the jumps since I have to do a re-call over the broad jumps. It is a lot of fun & I'm really enjoying the new challenge. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. The first one is the just for fun jump, the other one is the actual jump (the white one) for show.

Tail Wags, Provo

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Runza said...

Oh, that looks like you had so much fun. Yum, hamburgers! :)