This Jumping Is Fun

Well mom has been working with me some more on the jumps. I'm getting pretty good at it too! I'm only about 21" tall, but have worked up to jumping 24". It has been alot of fun having this new challenge & I love to learn new things. Mom is going to try to get a whole agility set up for me (or at least the cheap home kits). She has been working on this new thing with me for the show next week. I hope I can pick it up pretty fast, since the show is 5 days away! She will call me then tell me to down part of the way before calling me all the way to her. It doesn't make any sense to me, but whatever mom wants, right? We are going to try going down to the river here in the next couple weeks, but with fair next week we aren't sure when.

Tail Wags, Provo

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MK said...

That picture with Provo in mid-air is neat! I've seen the cheap agility kits that you can buy from like, amazon.com and I wonder how good they are. I'd like to teach one of my PITs agility as it seems like a great energy burner and makes them use their mind a little too.