Well I haven't been doing much lately. Mom is trying to get good about taking me for a walk again every night. Normally we walk about 1 mile, but last night we went 2! I was a good boy & am enjoying the new routine. Last night I got to make friends with a yellow Lab named Jazz. We were walking along & all of a sudden she came out to greet me, fortunately she was friendly. A few of the times we went we took Hayleigh along, but not much anymore.

Today mom took me to the River in Canon! She even got some pictures for you to enjoy. So here they are, I'll try to post more often, but life is pretty boring now a days.


Runza said...

Oh wow, you get fun places to walk.

thepuppyraiser said...

Sounds fun! Love the pictures, you should tell your Mom to take more because you're such a handsome boy ;)