Well county fair is over. Mom didn't do so well with the rest of her projects. Her market goat didn't make weight, so she wasn't able to sell in the auction. So I guess that means no agility course for me, since she won't be getting a check from him. She is also having problems getting any of her Nigerian Dwarfs to sell.

Guess what she did for me! She took me to the river in Florence! We went into the river a few different places. One of the places I decided to go in, but didn't realize that is dropped off so I fell into the river! It was fun so I did it a few more times. Then I just stood there in the belly deep water till mom decided we needed to go. Mom didn't take her camera so no pictures sadly. Maybe next time. I sure hope she takes me again soon, since I was really happy.

Tail Wags,

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Runza said...

Oh Provo, you make me laugh. I'm sorry you won't be getting an agility course. That would be so much fun. Maybe another time. The river sounds like it was fun.