Diet Time?

Well can you tell I have put on a few pounds? Mom hasn't switched me over to the lower protein food yet.

Note: I wasn't trying to put the coat on him it just happened to land on him & was a perfect picture.


Waffle said...

Don't worry Provo just tell them you are big boned! When my people said I was looking like a pot roast I said yuuummmm where? Next thing I knew I'm on a diet too! Tell them it comes from Daddy Dylan. Feel free to link, I'll put you on page tooo!!

Waffle said...

Provo- do you have a photo of your Dad Dylan? I found one of my mom Kimmy and would like to see what my dad looked like.

Megan said...

Well, not that you are switched you should lose that weight!! Or...your, erm, Big Bones.