The Past Few Days

Sorry I haven't updated anymore on Christina, things have been go, go , go. So here we go on the last few days.

I really needed to take her on a walk to get rid of some of the energy, but I had to babysit my little sis. Can't walk Christina properly & push a stroller, so we hung around the house. She did fairly well for a high energy pup. While I went to work for the afternoon she had to stay in her crate, not real exciting. After I got off work I decided to try to calm her down for the evening ahead. She spent some time in the dog run with Provo to burn some energy, then a short walk. The excitement came in the evening, we had our 4-H achievement night, in the local high school. We had a dinner the first part of it & she would not sit still at all. After everyone was done they split up the parents & kids. When the kids walked into the auditorium the parents were all cheering & clapping for us. Christina wasn't bothered by that, but she was pulling real bad, since she thinks she needs to be front of the line. One we sat down she actually laid calmly until I made her get up. We had to go on stage a few times to receive club awards & I had one award. Then after we picked up our last award she decided not to sit still anymore. She was biting at things & the kid next to me really hated her, for some reason, so once she started acting up I moved to the back. She did finally settle down, for the last 20 minutes or so.Friday:
Well I had to work an eight hour shift at work today, so that means lots of crate time for baby Christina. Once of work I called her raiser to work out timing for taking her home. It was going to be awhile so we took her shopping with us. She was constantly trying to get the gentle leader off the whole time we were out. I did get her to sit still long enough for a cute picture at Barnes & Nobles.
Well I like to get pictures of Provo with all the puppies we puppy sit, not always an easy task. So here are the best ones. Aren't they cute? I can sure see family resemblance in them.

So I'm back to being puppyless for the time being. Anyone want to send a pup to CO? Provo enjoyed the new pup, even though he was upset when the green vest came out & he had to stay home, but he did ok.

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