Another Update - Nothing Exciting

Well things have been kinda hectic these past few months, but sadley not much dog related has happened. We are getting ready to move into our own place this weekend so Provo will once again (finally) have a yard to run in! I know he will be happier and enjoy having a yard instead of a tiny dog run.

I've still been teaching the local 4-H kids in the dog program. Provo is so good at class, he mostly just hangs out off to the side somewhere. We had our first show last weekend and lets just say our kids need to get serious if they want to do good at County Fair. This year our kids just aren't commited and treat is as just a social time. Maybe the show this wekend will go better.

Well nothing new has happened with Provo. He does have a birthday coming up in a week though, he is will be 5. Hard to believe my little guy is getting so old. Well here is a couple pictures.

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