Kerzi Has Gone Home & Some Exciting News

  Well Kerzi went home a couple of days ago.  We sure do miss him around here, he was a fun little puppy.  My daughter still asks for him in the mornings.  Kerzi was even a good boy during school for the couple of days we had him during the week.  Even if he did lay his head on my son's lap to get attention, which my son didn't appreciate the interruption.  :)

Now for the good news.....................Kerzi did a fine job of convincing my husband that raising a Guide Dog wouldn't be such a bad thing.  So we have told the leader that if a transfer pup is in need of a home, we will be willing to take one.  Otherwise we will wait to get a baby pup next spring!  We just aren't quite ready for a baby pup this fall & the puppy truck only comes to CO in the good weather of Spring - Fall.

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