I have enjoyed having a baby pup in the house for the day.  Navato is a very laid back puppy.  He has spent the day just relaxing calmly.  His favorite hiding place is under the coffee table.  I had forgotten how much pups love being in dark places.

It doesn't surprise me that Aspen has already gotten attached to Navato, she was attached before he even made it to our house!  What is surprising is that Levi has taken a liking to this pup.  Levi has even asked if he can "train" Navato (a.k.a. walk him). 

He does good with Provo.  For the most part he isn't to focused on getting to him like most of the other pups.  Navato will try for a bit to get over to play with Provo, but gives up after a little bit.

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