Puppy Sitting Plum

   Well I'm a bit behind, but last month we got to puppy sit a little 8 week old female yellow Lab named Plum.  She was a very cute little one. 

  She was a bit of a handful the couple days we have her, due to her lively personality & the fact I was dealing with a pulled muscle in my back.  Maybe next time we can enjoy her a bit more.  She is a very vocal girl, which we had noticed at the meetings too. ;)  She was a true cuddle bug though, if I had let her she would have curled up on my lap on the couch.

Aspen of course made good friends with the little puppy too!

  Plum also got to experience her first snow fall during her stay with us!  She loved the snow!  It was a fun way to get her energy burned off and of course the kids enjoyed playing in the snow with her.

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