Well it has been a few days since we got Roland.  He is a great pup & I am totally in love with him.  In general he is a laid back puppy and sleeps alot.  He is a bit spoiled though and tries to do anything to get a "soft place to lay his head".  He loves to sleep on the dog bed.  If he can't reach it, he tries to climb on my bed or someone's lap.  We are still working on his jumping, he is slow in learning this one.  If a bed is not available, he has decided one toy is the perfect pillow.

He is a very confident boy & already climbs up and down the stairs.  Our short little outside steps are just three high, but they are open which can be scary for a pup.  Roland just goes right up and down with no problems. 

Potty training is going very nicely.  He has already learned to relieve on command.  He has only had one accident & that was my fault for not taking him out when he woke up.  Such a good puppy.

We had some snow over the weekend.  Roland LOVED the snow.  Most of it has melted, but part of it is still on the ground & he always try to go play in it when we are outside.

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