Roland looking up at me
Roland & Provo hanging out in the living room together

 Well we have had a slower month, but still lots of fun.  Roland has been working alot on his house manners & is getting so much better.  I have been able to allow him to hang out in the house off leash, even with the littles running around.  He still does try to play with them sometimes, which means he gets put on tie-down, but he is finally learning.  He has gotten so trust worthy having freedom during nap time for the littles.

At 4-H Dog Training
  We have gone on a few outings, which he is normally awesome with.  Grocery shopping has been our main outing and he is super.  Still learning how to walk next to the cart, instead of being out ahead, but he is getting better.  He still gets a bit to excitable when people try to interact with him, but we are working on this one.  Roland has also been going to 4-H Dog Training with me each week.  This is a great outing for him, as it helps him to learn to be calm while watching all the other dogs around us.

Roland shopping at New Horizon's Under the clothes rack


 We did get to go to the puppy truck the other day, since one of our club pups was heading in for training.  Roland actually did much better at being calm, but still had some excitable moments.  It was very strange going to a puppy truck & no new pups came off the truck.  The last time I went, there was only 3 who came off.  This time there wasn't any.   After we left the puppy truck, Roland went home with the other raiser from our club.  He will be spending more time with her through out the up coming year, as she will now be our club puppy sitter while she takes a little break.

Philip & Roland at the puppy truck

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