County Fair

Roland looking at the cakes
  Well this past week Roland has had a busy time.  We had our local County Fair.  Roland was able to join me for 3 days & also went to the dog show with me.

  The first time we went in was to pick up all the awards & paperwork for the dog show.  Roland was a bit wild that day.  We took a short break away from all the excitement & went to Subway.  Not thinking about the timing, it was lunch hour (meaning long lines).  Roland did great waiting in line & much better after returning to fair.

  Second day we went was so much more exciting.  We went to the dog show (which wasn't on the fair grounds).  He spent most of the day watching from his crate, but did get a little time out to see things "up close".  After the dog show, the leaders always get to take the judges out to lunch.  Roland was great at laying quietly under the table, until one of my littles dropped her cup, making a pool of water right by Roland.  He would not lay still any longer, I don't think the poor boy liked having a wet but.  He did much better while visiting the fairgrounds in the afternoon to drop everything off.  He was much calmer & a lot less bouncy too.  :)

Roland looking out through his crate

Roland sleeping at the resturant

 Day three was such an overwhelming day, he had a bit harder time with it.  He did ok, when in the building.  Today all of the animals had arrived.  So he got to see rabbits, chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, lambs, goats & steers.  He was a bit over excited by so many new animals.  He was especially interested when the "funny looking dog" (goat), walked right up next to him.  He just couldn't figure it out. 
Roland walking past some goats

  A good experience for him to learn about new things we don't see all the time.

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