County Fair Dog Show Is Over!

Well today we had our dog show for the county fair. Mom gave me a bath last night in prep for the show & then blow dried me. I got a little crazy, even though I'm normally good, when she was drying me & I ended up tipping the stand over. As normal I wasn't able to play with my sisters to keep me clean, which gets annoying.

This morning I knew we were going somewhere since mom had groomed me & packed my bag. I didn't want to be left behind so I made sure to keep mom in my sight at all times. We left early for the show this morning. Once we made it to the park, after running a few errands, we were one of the first families to arrive. So we got checked in & then set up under a tree for some shade. Before long Sarah showed up, but Rocco wasn't with her. He came along a little later with her mother. Since we were around an hour early we had lots of time to kill. So mom did some last minute grooming, we worked for a while, walked around the park & then just hung out. I got to see my friends Dianna & Dave again, they used to puppy sit me when I was a puppy in training. I got really happy & started bouncing all over the place since I hadn't seen them in so long.

Once the show started we had down stays first (or long downs as they are called in the show world). I had to stay for three minutes while mom was hiding from me somewhere. I of course did perfect & just tried to take a nap. After they finished with everyones long sits & downs, we only had downs, it was time to start the classes. Margie put Grad Novice, our class, top of the list since our pups get tired fast. There was only two of us, Sherri & I in the Grad Novice A class. Our first task was a heel on leash, which I was ok, but lagged some. Now the rest was off leash & I didn't really feel like doing most of it. We did a moving stand for exam & I sat instead of remaining in a stand, oops. Then we did a heel free, which was a total slacking time for me. I started out lagging a bit & then just decided to stand there & watch her finish the exercise. Next we had a drop on re-call, which was really bad too. I didn't want to leave mom for this exercise so I waited till she stopped & dropped in front of her instead of where I was supposed to. I did at least finish when she told me to! Next we had the figure eight, which I still did not do. I kept waiting & cutting through the wrong ways. Our last exercise was the re-call over broad jumps, one thing I have done awesome on at home. Today I just didn't feel like working though. I just sat there when she called me, until the judge said to try again. Then I did come, but didn't jump, instead I just walked all over them. So needless to say it wasn't a good presentation on my part & we ended up with a white award (which isn't good).

Next was our showmanship class. I did a little better on this one, since I love to show off. Of course today I was lagging a lot, but other wise I did awesome. Mom didn't think she did all that well, but we actually got called in for run offs. We ended up getting Grand Champion Senior Showman.

Since other people had mom's camera we didn't get many pictures, but here are a few for your enjoyment.
Me with my buddy Rocco

Both of these are from Showmanship

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